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Today's Health Tip#2

I have tried them all! :)

Today's Health Tips#1

Do you like avocados as much as I do?
Yeah for guacamole!

Recent News on Blood Pressure readings

and to this article referenced below: 

Important takeaways from my perspective:
  • In Canada, “Normal blood pressure remains 120/80. (The top number, systolic, measures pressure on the blood vessels when the heart contracts; the bottom number, diastolic, measures pressure when the heart relaxes between beats.

Today's Health Tips #3

Did you know we need Vit. D all yr round?

Today's Health Tips #2

Did you know?

Today's Health Tips #1

Healthy Bedtime snacks

Healthy Foods

I am going to start buying these.

Opioid Crisis Position Paper

What a terrific article, and wake-up call! The solutions are difficult and will take time, but continued ignorance and avoidance of the real problem cannot continue.

Link to article: