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We see constant amalgamation of media outlets, and hear those calling the media #FakeNews or, the "enemy of the American people".
While there is real DANGER to theeditorial voicein media being controlled by a small group of wealthy people, this pales in comparison to those in Power or Leadership trying to discredit the media.

Lesson: Do not get your news only from 1 source. Sample several sources and make your own informed decision! But above all protect the right of media to report the facts!

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The article below is a general guide to protecting your wireless router from hacks. I have taken all the steps I needed to, but my provider instructed me that the most important step is to use the most powerful encryption (WPA2), which I now do.

There are no guarantees, but I have taken as many steps as possible for me currently to protect my router.

The other thing to keep in mind are all the wireless devices connected to your router. For me I have my mobile, tablet and printer. Both my tablet & mobile have Anti-Virus (AV) internet protection.

Today's Health Tip#3

Does the price of Organic foods prevent you from buying them?

Thx to Wellness Nerd.

Today's Health Tip#2

I have tried them all! :)

Today's Health Tips#1

Do you like avocados as much as I do?
Yeah for guacamole!

Recent News on Blood Pressure readings

and to this article referenced below: 

Important takeaways from my perspective:
  • In Canada, “Normal blood pressure remains 120/80. (The top number, systolic, measures pressure on the blood vessels when the heart contracts; the bottom number, diastolic, measures pressure when the heart relaxes between beats.

Today's Health Tips #3

Did you know we need Vit. D all yr round?

Today's Health Tips #2

Did you know?